The 7 Best Pokemon Toys Reviewed- 2022 Edition!

As a child, there was nothing better than the excitement of getting a new toy. Whether it was a plastic dinosaur or an action figure, toys were always something to look forward to.

With Pokemon being one of the most popular franchises in the world, it’s no surprise that kids are still looking for Pokemon toys to play with. But with so many different options out there, how do you know which ones are good enough? That’s where we come in!

We’ve done all the hard work for you and created this list of 7 Best Pokemon Toys. So, if you’re looking for some great new toys for your kids, check out our review!

What is Pokemon and Where Did it Originate?

Pokemon is a media franchise owned by Japanese video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Pokemon centers around fictional creatures called “Pocket Monsters”, which humans, known as Trainers, catch and train to battle each other for sport.

The franchise began as a pair of video games for the original Game Boy, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. It has since branched into an anime television series that consists of over 1000 episodes, multiple spin-off shows, nineteen movies (with plans for more), manga adaptations in various languages, trading card games, toys, books, soundtracks, merchandise, and even food.

Due to its widespread popularity among children and adults alike across the globe (and because it helped greatly expand handheld gaming outside Japan), Pokemon is often considered one of the most successful franchises ever made. So, let’s look at the 7 best Pokemon toys in 2022!

Top 7 Pokemon Toys in 2022!

1. Pokemon Plush Figures Wink Pikachu

Introducing the cutest Pikachu ever- Wink Pikachu! This adorable little guy comes with his own special message: “I’m always here for you!” Wink Pikachu is made of super soft plush material, and he’s just the right size to take with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re cuddling up at home or taking him on your next big adventure, Wink Pikachu will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Add this lovable Pokemon to your collection today!


  • There are many different types of Pokemon available
  • It is made from extremely soft material
  • Suited for children above 2 years old

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2. New Pokemon Snap

The new Pokemon Snap is an adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a photography-based adventure where you’ll explore various islands and take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitats. With over 200 different species of Pokémon to photograph, New Pokemon Snap is sure to be a hit with fans of the series.

The game also features new ways to take photos, including using lures and bait to get the perfect shot. You can even edit your photos before sharing them with friends or posting them online. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Pokémon or just getting into the series, New Pokemon Snap is sure to be a fun and unique experience that will have you coming back for more!


  • Kids will have a great time playing this game
  • The game has colorful and attractive graphics
  • It is suited for kids aged 3 years and above

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3. Ravensburger Pokemon – 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This 100-piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger is the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your favorite Pokemon characters!

The finished puzzle measures 27″ x 20″, and features all of your favorites including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and more. With high-quality construction and attention to detail, this puzzle is sure to provide hours of fun for any fan!


  • Easy to build
  • The pieces are pretty sturdy
  • The puzzles come in bright and attractive colors

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4. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu

Introducing Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu for the Nintendo Switch system. This game is perfect for any fan of the original Pokémon series as it takes players back to the Kanto region first seen in those games.

In this new adventure, you’ll team up with Pikachu as you travel across fields, cities and mountains catching wild Pokémon and completing quests given to you by Professor Oak. As always there will be Gym Leaders to defeat and Badges to earn along your journey!


  • The game is pretty simple to play
  • It has colorful and attractive graphics
  • There’s also a multiplayer mode available

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5. Pokemon Card Binder 400 Pockets

This Pokemon card binder is perfect for any fan of the franchise. It can hold up to 400 cards in total, meaning you can keep your entire collection safe and organized in one place.

The pockets are made from a durable material that will protect your cards from wear and tear, while the stylish design means it’ll look great on your child’s shelf too.


  • Available in a multitude of different designs
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Easy to use

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6. Pokemon: Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

The Pokemon: Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is the ultimate guide to everything Pokémon. This handbook includes information on over 800 different species of Pokémon, as well as detailed maps of every region in the Pokémon world.

In addition, this book contains tips on how to become a top trainer, strategies for battles and competitions, and an A-to-Z Pokédex. Whether you’re just starting your journey into the world of Pokémon or you’re a seasoned veteran, this book has something for everyone!


  • It is great value for money
  • Loaded with all kind of info on the Pokemon world
  • Rated highly by fans

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7. Pokémon 20cm Plush 4 Pack

This 4 pack of Pokémon 20cm Plush is perfect for any fan of the popular anime and video game series. The set includes Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle- four of the most iconic characters in the franchise.

Each plush is made with high quality materials and detailed stitching, making them both durable and collectible. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just getting started on your journey to becoming a master trainer, these plushes are sure to please!


  • Great value for money as comes in a set of 4
  • Made from super soft material
  • Is suited for kids aged 2 years and above

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Final Verdict:

As you can see, there are many great options for Pokemon toys. Whether you’re a fan of the original games, or just want to watch your kids have fun with their favorite characters, there’s something here for everyone.

If your child is a huge Pokemon fan and has been begging for some of these toys, now is the time to buy them! You won’t regret it when they light up with happiness on Christmas morning!

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